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Congratulations is this weeks Listener of the week Mary Rollins! Mary won a T-Shirt from  OC Printing and Sign! To enter email Steve or Julie and tell why you want to be the Listener of the week.


If you have problem you need help with just email Steve and Julie ... Listen Thursday mornings at 7 to see if you letter was chosen....

We'll get help from the audience and maybe even Vernon himself will weigh in on the topic. All we ask in return is a follow up letter to let us know how it turned out.


Charles Mansonís Marriage License Expires Before Wedding Wedding bells wonít be ringing for Charles Manson and his potential bride Afton Elaine Burton, as time has essentially run out on their marriage license. The 80-year-old mass murderer and his 27-year-old admirer applied for the license in November, and since visitors are only allowed on the weekends, they wonít be able to marry before it expires on Thursday. Had the wedding at Corcoran State Prison taken place, Manson would have been allowed to wear a wedding ring, but would not have qualified for conjugal visits. On the marriage license, it said that Burton Ė who wanted to marry the cult leader so she could work on his case Ė planned to take the Manson name. Manson, whose followers killed actress Sharon Tate and several others in the late 1960s, has been in prison since 1971, and after being denied parole numerous times over the years wonít be eligible again until 2027, when he will be 92. Super Bowl XLIX Was The Most-Watched Telecast In History Just when it seems like the Super Bowl canít get bigger the NFL manages to top itself. The six most recent Super Bowls are also the six most-watched sports events in TV history, and Super Bowl XLIX just claimed the spot at the very top. A staggering 114.4 million viewers tuned in to watch the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks in a nail-biting 28-24 finish.

Today's Question: 1 out of 4 women wanted this for Valentine's Day. What is it?'' Answer:coffee maker

Steve and Julie Blog Page

Nov 27, 2012 -- 11:22am

Steve and Julie Blog Page, check back soon for more!

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