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Congratulations is this weeks Listener of the week, Amy Orms, Amy won a T-Shirt from  OC Printing and Sign! To enter email Steve or Julie and tell why you want to be the Listener of the week.


If you have problem you need help with just email Steve and Julie ... Listen Thursday mornings at 7 to see if you letter was chosen....

We'll get help from the audience and maybe even Vernon himself will weigh in on the topic. All we ask in return is a follow up letter to let us know how it turned out.


There is one good thing about the massive amount of snow in Massachusetts this winter: It helped police in Lakeville arrest two people who they say are responsible for stealing more than $10,000 worth of jewelry and electronics. A police officer investigating a break-in saw the imprint of a license plate in a nearby snowbank and quickly ran the plate number. It belonged to a truck that was spotted by witnesses of other break-ins across the state, and was owned by Robert Beaucaire, 37, and Amy Peters, 36, who were charged with breaking and entering, larceny over $250, and receiving stolen property. Officers were able to recover more than 300 stolen items, and by late Monday about 85 percent of the goods had been returned to their original owners. Man Banned From Smoking In Own Home A judge in Washington has ordered a man not to light up in his own home. Edwin Gray’s next door neighbors have filed a suit claiming Gray’s smoke is sneaking into their home through a hole in the basement. They are seeking a permanent no-smoking order plus a-half million dollars in damages. A judge has issued a temporary no-smoking order. Gray’s family has owned the home for 50 years. Gray’s sister, Mozella Johnson, says they’ll fight. Bad Judge The Ohio Supreme Court says a judge shouldn’t have scolded jurors for issuing a verdict she believed to be wrong. The court concluded in a public reprimand that Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Amy Salerno violated a rule requiring judges to behave in ways to promote the judiciary’s integrity and impartiality. It says she also violated a rule barring judges from commenting on jury verdicts except in court orders or opinions. Jurors in Salerno’s courtroom issued a not-guilty verdict in 2013 in a misdemeanor assault case. Several jurors complained to the court about how Salerno told them they “got this wrong.” Salerno says she deserves the reprimand and regrets the comments. She says she’s learned from the mistake. Inmate Admits Sending Obama Letter Threat To Wrong Address A man convicted of child molestation has admitted mailing a threatening letter from a western Pennsylvania prison to President Barack Obama – albeit to the wrong address. Joseph Savage pleaded guilty in federal court to counts of threatening the president and threatening the president’s family. Prosecutors say Savage was awaiting trial in Fayette County Prison in October 2012 when he sent a letter threatening to “torture and murder” the president and harm a member of the president’s family. The letter was mailed to 1400 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington. The White House is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. but received the letter anyway. Savage is serving 12 1/2 to 25 years on convictions of making terroristic threats, aggravated indecent assault on a child and corruption of minors.

Nearly 1 quarter of people refuse to eat this unless it is homemade. What is it?" Answer: Italian red sauce

WOW Manholes explode all over town from a pressure build-up... this one was caught on camera.

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Nov 27, 2012 -- 11:22am

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