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Congratulations is this weeks Listener of the week, Ashley Freeman! Ashleyl won a T-Shirt from  OC Printing and Sign! To enter email Steve or Julie and tell why you want to be the Listener of the week.


If you have problem you need help with just email Steve and Julie ... Listen Thursday mornings at 7 to see if you letter was chosen....

We'll get help from the audience and maybe even Vernon himself will weigh in on the topic. All we ask in return is a follow up letter to let us know how it turned out.


Our Weird World Barbershop Beers California lawmakers have approved legislation that would make it legal for hair salons and barbershops to offer customers free beer and wine. Assemblyman Tom Daly says many salons already offer drinks while customers are having their hair done, but it is technically illegal. The bill passed the Assembly and now goes to the state Senate. Teen Takes Great-Grandmother To Junior Prom An Indiana teenager who took his 93-year-old great-grandmother to his junior prom says he had a great time, even though her early bedtime nearly cut the night short. Drew Holm says his classmates thought it “was pretty cool” that he asked Kathryn Keith to last Friday’s Crothersville High School junior prom. Holm picked Keith up in her Cadillac for the dance in Seymour, about 60 miles south of Indianapolis. Keith, who wore a blue dress, said she’s proud that he asked her. The pair hit the dance floor for only one song, sharing a slow dance. Their night ended by 9 p.m. because Keith has an early bedtime. Holm then took his girlfriend to an after-prom event at a bowling alley. Space Needle Stair Climb The Space Needle in Seattle it will be holding its first public stair climb, which will benefit cancer research. The climb to the observation deck will take place October 3rd and be open to up to 3,000 people. The Space Needle is more than 600 feet tall and was built for the 1962 World’s Fair. 1995 Is Calling Remember when connecting to the Internet started with a free AOL CD, those infernal beeping and squealing sounds and the arduously slow dial-up connection? For some 2.1 million Americans 1995 is still a reality. AOL revealed in its quarterly earnings report that dial-up is not dead. At 56 kilobit per second download speeds, dial-up is 200 times slower than the average U.S. broadband speed. Even many smartphones are 100 times faster. More interesting still, a large percentage of those 2.1 million pay up to $20 a month for the service. There are some who pay nothing because they threatened to leave or are in the free trial period.

Question: Over 50% of people don't know how to properly do this. What is it? Answer: jump start a batter

Steve and Julie Blog Page

Nov 27, 2012 -- 11:22am

Steve and Julie Blog Page, check back soon for more!

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