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Annual Employment Report:
Employment Unit WVOK AM/FM
Period Covered: 12/01/17 – 12/01/18

Outreach Effort

Job Fairs




September 20 2018 WOODARD BROACASTING held a JOB FAIR at Chic-fila on highway 21 in Oxford Alabama.  As always we promoted the event through different channels so we could get the word out and inform our community. Leading up to the job fair WOODARD BROADCASTING ran 2 announcements a day for TWO calendar weeks September 6th 2018 through September 20th  2018 for approx 30 mentions. In addition to the on air recorded promo we used social media for this such as Face book and Twitter PLUS we announced it on our promo sheet that our on air staff reads through out their on air shift….This job fair was from 11:00am until 2:00pm with General Manager Chuck Woodard, Operations Manager Steve Stevens on location to hand out information packets about the different jobs available at WOODARD BROACASTING in Management, Traffic, Sales and Programming and in addition these information packets covered how to apply and where to apply in the event of an opening and instructed future applicants to check on our website for job postings at WWW.979WVOK.COM.  Approx 40-50 people showed up to learn more about WOODARD BROADCASTING and the job opportunities we occasionally have.





WOODARD BROADCASTING held its 2nd job fair on November 1st 2018 as we were a part of a huge event with East Alabama Works and their East Alabama Regional Hiring Fair at the Oxford Civic Center. This was a success as we personally had approx 250 people to come by to find out about employment with WOODARD BROADCASTING. In keeping with the earlier job fair, we used Face book, Twitter plus we ran a recorded promo about this that aired once an hour, every hour, starting October 19th 2018 and ran till November 1st 2018 which resulted in almost 200 mention and our personalities mentioned it on our promo sheet that is read by them hourly as well.  The job fair was from 10:00am-2pm.  More than fifty employers were on-site with more than 15-hundred jobs to fill. Employers were encouraged to interview potential employees, and even hire new employees, on the spot. Interview areas were provided for employers who wish to conduct private, on-site interviews. Additionally, the Department of Labor’s mobile Career Center was also on-site to help job seekers with resume preparation and to provide assistance with setting up online Alabama JobLink accounts. Career Center personnel were conducting on-site Employability Skills seminars for job seekers who wish to improve their chances of being hired. There was also an area where job seekers could have their resume reviewed and critiqued by Career Advisors from Jacksonville State University’s Career Services Office. Some of the influential delegates and employment agencies that were on hand that day were:

AlabamaDept. of Labor Secretary Fitzgerald

Alabama House Representative Mike Rogers

Lisa Morales – East AlabamaWorks

Carl Brady – East AlabamaWorks

Shari Vickers – Anniston Career Center

Katrina Herring – Gadsden Career Center

Angelia Todd – Talladega Career Center

To help promote this even more WOODARD BROADCASTING had Carl Brady from East AlabamaWorks on The Steve and Julie Morning show on to talk about the big event on October 30 2018 at 8:20 am for addition promoting. Operations Manager Steve Stevens was on hand to talk to potential employees and to hand out information packets that covered how to apply and where to apply in the event of an opening and instructed future applicants to check on our website for job postings at WWW.979WVOK.COM. . Approx 250 people showed up to our booth learn more about WOODARD BROADCASTING and how to apply and keep in contact with us about jobs.





Outreach Announcements
Whether or not a specific position is available, the Woodard Broadcasting Group Oxford airs: 30

Spots on its stations. The spot instructs the work force in our community of license as follows:

WVOK is always looking for bright, qualified individuals to fill open job positions. If you are

interested in being part of the WVOK team, visit the jobs section of 979WVOK.COM Once again, employment information is available in the jobs section of our website at 979WVOK.COM. WVOK is an equal opportunity employer”   52 announcements were aired on WOODARD BROADCASTING between December 1, 2017 thru December 1, 2018 Monday - Sunday

6A-6A. These spots will continue to air throughout 2019.

Secondly, WOODARD BROADCASTING aired 52:30 spots seeking organizations that provide job services:

“WVOK is an equal opportunity employer. Any organization or educational institution that maintains a job bank, provides employment information or job referrals may ask to receive our job listings”

Here are the recruiting services WOODARD BROADCASTING will post openings with in the event of a job vacancy either by email, fax or mail

AlabamaStateemployment service 1721 Oxmoor Rd # 109, Birmingham, AL 35209 - (205) 870-3275

Alabamabroadcaster’s Association job bank – fax 205-982-0015

Jacksonville State University Placement service- 207 Merrill Hall 700 Pelham Road North Jacksonville, Alabama 36265 phone….256-782-5482 …email mjames3@jsu.edu

GadsdenState1001 George Wallace Dr, Gadsden, AL 35903 phone (256) 549-8200 …email careerservices@gadsdenstate.edu

Talladega College Career Planning and Placement service TalladegaCollege
627 Battle Street West Talladega, AL 35160 Phone (866) 540-3956 



WOODARD BROADCATING did hire one person to help with outside sales. We posted the following ad with the before mentioned agencies and groups LISTED ABOVE plus on our website in the “JOBS” area from March 13th 2018 through March 31st 2018. The add read:

“Woodard Broadcasting Company, Inc is currently taking applications for a sales person. Applicants can pick up or fill out applications at the studios of Woodard Broadcasting Company, Inc located at 1215 Church Street in Oxford between the hours of 8am and 5pm Monday thru Friday from March 13th 2018 through March 28th 2018. Interviews will be held on March 28th 2018 at the studios of Woodard Broadcasting Company. Applicants must have prior radio sales experience, have a professional wardrobe (some shirts will be provided) provide their own transportation with insurance and be able to provide resume and referrals. Woodard Broadcasting Company Inc, will provide sales list, weekly salary with commission based on collections, gas allowance, partial insurance with BCBS and a stable work environment. Woodard Broadcasting Company, Inc is an equal opportunity employer.

In addition to the WOODARD BROADCASTING also ran the above :30 second ad 10 times a day (Mon-Saturday) from March 13th 2018 through March 28th 2018 for a total of 160 announcements.

This resulted in WOODARD BROADCASTING interviewing and hiring of Brian Selke on April 10th 2018 as he was the only applicant.  Mr. Selke stayed with WOODARD BROADCASTING until June 15th 2018 when he accepted a scholarship to Gadsden State Community College and it would interfere with his daily abilities to work with Woodard Broadcasting. He submitted his resignation letter on June 5th 2018 and his last day was June 15th 2018

****No immediate action was taken to hire another sales person at that time*******


WOODARD BROADCASTING also hired Dave Mack on a trial basis to do his show “The Dave Mack Show” at WOODARD BROADCASTING and for outside sales on July 26th 2018 and, as it was reported, his hiring was on a temporary basis and he resigned on August 23 2018 




Station Web Sites
This site contains a section “JOBS” explaining what the different jobs WVOKFM/AM provides and how to apply for these jobs if one comes available. 

Internship Program

During the 2018 calendar season WOODARD BROADCASTING kept our commitment to local schools and Universities with our “Internship program” as an outreach method. From Jacksonville State University we had Jeff Pool as our intern with our station from January 8th 2018 through April 27th 2018. While Jeff was with WOODARD BROADCASTING he learned production skills, attended multiple remote broadcasts learning how to set up and do actual remote broadcasts.


Meanwhile WOODARD BROADCASTING also worked with different schools in our area with this program. Here are a list of the students and schools we had interning with us and the dates:

On April 26th 2018 WOODARD BROADCASTING participated in the “Job Shadow” program from one of East Alabama’s schools Welborn High school. During this day we were pleased to have Namath Pitts with us. Namath is in his senior year at Welborn and was able to shadow some of our on air staff to see some of the daily duties they have to go through from day to day








If you have questions concerning this report please contact Chuck Woodard (General Manager) or Steve Stevens (Operations Manager) during business hours (256) 835-1580




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